To add a user to a Linux VM, create a file in your current shell named cloud_init_add_user.txt and paste the following configuration. For this example, create the file in the Cloud Shell not on your local machine. You can use any editor you wish. Enter sensible-editor cloud_init_add_user.txt to

sudo - How can I create an administrator user from the To create a new user with admin privileges in Ubuntu 12.04 and later: adduser --group sudo In Ubuntu 11.10 and earlier, use this instead: adduser --group admin To modify a existing user (12.04 and later): adduser --group sudo or. sudo usermod -aG sudo How To Create a Sudo User on Ubuntu [Quickstart Mar 28, 2016 How to create a user account on Ubuntu Linux - nixCraft

How to create Jenkins user by command line and GUI

Mar 18, 2020 user – Manage user accounts — Ansible Documentation

I will also show how to create a user with admin and a user with root (superuser) privileges on the all databases in MongoDB. Create a User in MongoDB. Authentication Database: In MongoDB, user can have privileges across different databases. When adding a user, you create the user in a specific database.

For command line, these should work: useradd -m USERNAME You have to use -m, otherwise no home directory will be created.If you want to specify the path of the home directory, use -d and specify the path:. useradd -m -d /PATH/TO/FOLDER USERNAME Creating a User in Ansible | Servers for Hackers