However, I do not see a possibility to configure static DNS resolver addresses on this device. You may need to configure the resolver addresses on the end user devices. 0

How Do I Configure My Static IP Address? - Ask Leo! Jun 16, 2005 How to Configure Routers for Network Extender Time Warner Cable Arris Router; D-Link® Linksys™/Cisco® Netgear® Note: Before following the instructions below, please note that Verizon does not own or support third party routers. These instructions are provided as guidance on how to use them with the Verizon Wireless Network Extender. We are not responsible for the effects of any Cannot change DNS settings on TWC router without Static IP Only if I switch my network settings to "Static IP", the option to point my router to a custom DNS server shows up. However, I do not have a Static IP provided by TWC, and I do not know my IP network mask and my default gateway (those applicable to my WAN as provided by TWC, not those applicable to devices in my home LAN):

It is the policy of Time Warner Cable/Road Runner to share with other entities lists of our dynamic IP address space. While Time Warner Cable/Road Runner does not currently forbid customers from sending out mail directly from such space, it recognizes that others may wish to refuse mail from such space, and so Time Warner Cable/Road Runner

May 09, 2020

Wants QAM/IP Combo To Serve As ‘Linchpin’ Of All-IP Transition. Wants QAM/IP Combo To Serve As ‘Linchpin’ Of All-IP Transition. Wants QAM/IP Combo To Serve As ‘Linchpin’ Of All-IP

WAN failed DNS test - Everything Else - Peplink Community Oct 24, 2019 TimeWarner + WRT300N = static IP ??!!! I want a dy I believe my Time Warner connection provides a dynamic IP (southern California), so did Comcast before Time Warner acquired it in my area. I have owned 4 different linksys routers throughout the years and what I have always noticed is that it seems like the linksys is "hijacking" the IP and making it static and not allowing Time Warner to take it back and give me another IP.